Islamic Base Rate

Islamic Base Rate

Islamic Base Rate : As at 6th February 2018
Benchmark Cost of Fund (BCOF)

Benchmark Cost of Fund (BCOF)

BCOF: As at 28th February 2018
Profit Rates: Commodity Murabahah Term Deposit-i

Profit Rates for CMTD-i

Profit Rate : Effective 6th February 2018
Cut-off Time For Same Day Cheque Clearing

Cut-off Time For Same Day Cheque Clearing

Cut-off Time For Same Day Cheque Clearing
Fees & Charges


Types of Charges
Fees & Charges (in RM unless otherwise specified)
1 New Cheque Processing Fee of RM0.50
Processing Fees: RM0.50 per piece
Effective 02 January 2015, there will be a new cheque processing fee of RM0.50 per cheque transaction imposed on all issuers of cheque. This fee is in addition to the existing stamp duty of RM0.15 per cheque leaf.
To learn more, please refer to below publications:-
i - Guidelines on Cheque Processing Fee
ii - Frequently Asked Questions
2 Issuance of Cheque book ( 50 pieces cheques)
RM7.50 for stamp duty (RM0.15 per piece)
3 Issuance of Bankers Cheques
Fees: RM2.15 (RM2 for service charge and RM0.15 for stamp duty irrespective of the value).
Government bodies and agencies waived.
4 Standing Instruction - AFB to another AFB account
There is no fees and charges imposed on Basic Savings account-holder and Basic Current account-holder.
5 Account Sweeping
RM2 per transaction
6 Dormant Accounts
If balance is up to RM10, the bank will absorb available balance as charge. If balance is greater than RM10, an annual service fee of RM10 will be charged until remaining balance is sent to Unclaimed Monies.
7 Lost investment certificate , where applicable
RM 5 and RM10 for stamp duty on Letter of Indemnity
8 Endorsement on Status of Company’s Account.
RM 20
9 Confirmation of authorized cheque signatories for renewal of Pusat Khidmat Kontractor license
RM 20
10 Courier Charges
11 Audit confirmation - with facility                               - without facility
RM50 for current year, RM100 for previous years (all facilities)
12 Stamp duty on indemnity letter
RM10 per document
13 Request for duplicates of statements
RM5 per document
14 Ad hoc statement request :-

a) Statement within 12 months
b) Statement of more than 12 months

RM 5 per document
RM10 per document
15 Inward and Outward transfer via RENTAS
RM5 flat for all inward and outward RENTAS
16 Commision on Tabung Haji Deposit
RM0.50 per transaction
17 Commision on Zakat Collection
1.5% of the zakat paid
18 Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful
10% of the premium paid
Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
19 ATM Chip card issuance
No fee
20 ATM chip card Annual Fee
No fee
21 Replacement of ATM Chip Card
No fee
Current Account (CA)
22 Current Account Half Yearly Charges
23 Cheque Return due to insufficient fund
24 Cheque Return due to Stop Payment (with sufficient fund in the account)
25 Cheque Return due to Stop Payment (with insufficient fund in the account)
Foreign Currency Euro / USD
26 Telegraphic Transfer- via SWIFT deposit
Flat rate USD5
27 Telegraphic Transfer- via SWIFT withdrawal
Up to RM5,000
Cost of wire : RM30
Commission : RM10
More than RM5,000
Cost of wire : RM30
28 Foreign Currency EUR Account Deposit Fee - For Corporate Account Only

w.e.f. 16 September 2016
0.45% per annum on daily basis on
outstanding balance more than
EUR5,000 (The rate will be fluctuate
according to the market rate)
29 Redemption Statement

a) First time

b) Subsequent

No Fee

RM 50

30 Photocopy of Security Document
RM50 per document
31 Processing Fee
Trade Finance
32 Import
33 Export
Please be informed, with effect from 1st April 2015, except for Stamp Duty, all of the above fees & charges are subjected to the Government's Goods & Services Tax (GST). Other deemed Taxable Supply (if any) under the Goods & Services Tax Act 2014, pursuant to the delivery of the Bank's Products & Services shall also be subjected to GST. The GST is chargeable at the prevailing prescribed rate and is exclusive of the fees & charges.