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Product Highlights

To finance purchase of completed or under construction residential properties;

To refinance completed residential properties currently under conventional loan with other bank;

To refinance a fully paid residential property for cash advances meant for personal consumption.


Features & Benefits

Competitive financing rates with two (2) profit rate options:-
  (I) Fixed profit rate calculated on non-compounding basis;
Profit rate pegged against variable base financing rate but capped at agreed ceiling fixed profit rate. You basically hedge (protect) yourself against escalating financing rate. Profit calculation is also on non-compounding basis.
Fixed monthly payments throughout the agreed financing tenure.
No locked-in period and termination fee if you decide to settle your account early.*

Enjoy exemption on stamp duty if you refinance your conventional loan to Islamic financing (up to amount finance not exceeding your current balance outstanding).*
Shariah-compliant (“halal”)

Individuals aged 25 and above.

Financing tenure of up to 30 years or up to age 65, whichever is earlier.*
Required Documentation

A copy of MyKad identity card (Malaysian / Permanent Resident).

Latest 3 months original payslips.

Latest Borang B / BE/EA Form / EPF Statement.

Employer’s confirmation letter (if employed less than 6 months).

Photocopy of Individual Title if available.

Photocopy of Sale & Purchase Agreemet / Booking Receipt.

Latest 6 months bank statements.

Any other relevant documents as required by the Bank.
  * Terms & Conditions apply