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General Investment Account-i

Asian Finance Bank offers the General Investment Account-i facility for you to gain maximum profit through your investment. This facility is based on the principle of Mudharabah (Trustee Profit Sharing) where a contract is made between the depositor and Bank. As a depositor you can choose the best fit for your investment-short, medium or long term and you will be able to share the profit earned in the time frame you opt for. Profit from these investments will be distributed according to a pre-agreed profit sharing ratio.
Features & Benefits

Shariah compliant.

Profit based on pre-determined profit-sharing ratio.

The rate of return is calculated daily as declared on the 16th of every month.

Flexible tenure.

Attractive profit sharing ratio.

Profits are paid in cash, banker’s cheque or credited into your Saving account / Current account.

Automatic renewal of deposit can be affected with or without profit.

Shariah compliant investment.

Depositors will enjoy higher returns with longer investment tenure.

Profit sharing ratio is 50:50 or 70:30 basis between the customer and the bank.

Individuals aged 18 and above are eligible to open a General Investment Account-i on an individual or joint basis.

Non personal accounts such as association, clubs, societies, professionals or government authorities.

Minimum placement of RM500.00 for 2 months and above and RM5000.00 for 1 month placement.
Required Documentation

A copy of MyKad / Identity Card (Malaysian resident).

A copy of Passport / Work Permit or Student ID / Visa with offer letter from college or university (Non-Resident).

For business enterprises: company M&A, Form 24 & 49 and company's resolution to open account.

Complete the relevant application forms and specimen signature forms.

To tender other relevant documents.

Application to be made in person.
Rate Of Return
1 Month
1.14%(50:50) / 1.60%(70:30) / 1.66%(73:27)
3 Month
1.20%(50:50) / 1.68%(70:30) / 1.75%(73:27)
6 Month
1.32%(50:50) / 1.85%(70:30) / 1.93%(73:27)
9 Month
1.41%(50:50) / 1.97%(70:30) / 2.06%(73:27)
12 - 14 Month
1.50%(50:50) / 2.10%(70:30) / 2.19%(73:27)
15 - 17 Month
1.56%(50:50) / 2.18%(70:30) / 2.28%(73:27)
18 - 23 Month
1.62%(50:50) / 2.27%(70:30) / 2.37%(73:27)
24 Month
1.73%(50:50) / 2.42%(70:30) / 2.52%(73:27)