Foreign Currency Account-i

This account is specifically design for you to make short and long term deposits, withdrawals and remittance to overseas. It also benefits Malaysian residents employed abroad and earning regular income from overseas or non-residents who are employed in Malaysia. FCA-i lets purchase or retained receivables in Major currencies to protect against currency fluctuations, using the Wadiah Yad Dhamanah principle. This account can minimize the risk of forex rate fluctuation.
Features & Benefits

Shariah compliant.

available in 3 currencies : USD / EURO / GBP.

minimum deposit of USD1,000.00 / EURO1,000.00 / GBP1,000.00

no cheque book will be issued.

deposits and withdrawals through cash, foreign telegraphic transfer, foreign cheques deposits, demand draft, or transfer to and from Ringgit account.



Individuals, must be at least 18 years old and have capacity to contract.

Sole proprietors, partnership & company account.

Associations, clubs & societies account.

State and local authorities account.

Other organizations whose operations are not contradictory to Shariah principle or Malaysia Laws.

Company account must be registered with ROC and involved in permissible activities according to Islamic principle.
Required Documentation

A copy of MyKad / Identity Card (Malaysian resident).

A copy of Passport / Work Permit or Student ID / Visa with offer letter from college or university (Non-Resident).

For business enterprises: company M&A, Form 24 & 49 and company's resolution to open account.

Complete the relevant application forms and specimen signature forms.

To tender other relevant documents.

Introducer required.

Application to be made in person.