Current Account-i

Asian Finance Bank Current Account-i is based on the Principle of Wadiah (Guaranteed Safe Custody) where the depositor agrees to Asian Finance Bank to be the Custodian holder of the depositor's deposit and the Bank guarantees the safe return of the deposit amount.
Features & Benefits

Shariah compliant.

Minimum deposit of RM500 only.

Free detailed monthly statement.

Cheque book to facilitate withdrawals and payments.

Banking services at all our branches, e.g. cheques and cash deposits, withdrawals via ATMs and fund transfer.

Cheque Deposit and Cash Deposit Machines for convenient cheque / cash deposit.

No issuance and annual fee charges for ATM card.

Enjoy free unlimited over-the-counter transaction.

Convenient e-banking centres for easy depositing.

Free unlimited ATM withdrawals.

The Bank guarantees principal deposit.

Can be operated individually or jointly.



Individuals, must be at least 18 years old and have capacity to contract.

Sole proprietors, partnership & company account.

Associations, clubs & societies account.

State and local authorities account.

Other organizations whose operations are not contradictory to Shariah principle or Malaysia Laws.

Company account must be registered with ROC and involved in permissible activities according to Islamic principle.
Required Documentation

A copy of MyKad / Identity Card (Malaysian resident).

A copy of Passport / Work Permit or Student ID / Visa with offer letter from college or university (Non-Resident).

For business enterprises: company M&A, Form 24 & 49 and company's resolution to open account.

Complete the relevant application forms and specimen signature forms.

To tender other relevant documents.

Introducer required (current account holder of Asian Finance Bank).

Application to be made in person.