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Savings Accounts-i

Asian Finance Bank boasts of a suite of specially designed banking products ranging from deposit accounts to financing products that have been reviewed and approved by our Shariah Committee and is available to any of our customers with internationally accepted Shariah principles.

Basic Savings Account-i

We offer the simple banking solution to assist you in managing your daily finances. This product is suitable for customers who are looking for safe custody of their funds and enjoy our banking services at minimal cost.
Features & Benefits

Shariah compliant

The Bank guarantees principal deposit balances under the concept of Wadiah Yad Dhamanah.

Asian Finance Bank guarantees a safe return of the principal deposit at anytime.

24 hours - 7 days Electronic Banking services.

Ad-hoc statements every 6 months.

Free ATM Card. (for the 1st time issuance).

Free unlimited Over-The Counter (OTC) withdrawal transactions.

Free Standing Instruction to pay financing installment.

No service charge will be imposed for incidents of insufficient funds when executing the Standing Instruction.

Easy bill payment via ATM, Online and Phone Banking and any other services as may be included from time to time.



Individuals, must be at least 18 years old and have capacity to contract.

Associations, clubs & societies account.
Required Documentation

A copy of MyKad / Identity Card (Malaysian resident).

A copy of Passport / Work Permit or Student ID / Visa with offer letter from college or university (Non-Resident).