Commodity Murabahah Term Deposit-i

Asian Finance Bank offers Commodity Murabahah Term Deposit-i (CMTD-i) account. CMTD-i is a fixed rate deposit account based on the Shariah concept of Murababah (cost plus profit sale) and Tawarruq whereby the profit rate and the profit amount is made known upfront to the Customer.
Initial Deposit

RM 5,000 for one month placement.

RM 1,000 for placement of 3 months and above.

Tenure of investment: 1, 3, 6, 12 month (s) or any other period as determined by the Bank.

Fixed profit is determined upfront

Flexible tenure

PIDM guaranteed

Individuals age 18 and above are eligible to open Commodity Murabahah Term Deposit-i (CMTD-i) account on an individual / joint basis.

Non personal accounts such as Associations, Clubs, Societies, Professionals Organizations or Government Authorities.

Minimum placement of RM 5,000 for one month placement and RM 1,000 for 3 months and above tenure.
Required documentation

A copy of MYKad/ identity card (Malaysian Resident).

A copy of passport/ work permit or student ID/ Visa with offer letter from college or University (Non Resident).

For companies/Business Enterprises: Certificate of Incorporation, Company’s M&A, Form 24 & 49 and company’s resolution to open CMTD-i account.
Please refer to the CMTD-i Product Disclosure Sheet in our website for more details.