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Our Offerings
Our Competitive Advantage
The bridge to provide corporate advisory, funding and networking services to sovereign and corporates between the Middle East,Asia and vice versa.

Provide strategic and comprehensive corporate financial solutions capitalizing on the strength of its major shareholder, Qatar Islamic Bank, the first global Islamic investment bank with international funding capabilities.
Products & Services

Corporate & Commercial Banking


Provide customized, innovative, strategic financing solutions .

Provision of Trade Finance Working Capital, Asset, Project & Structured Finance facilities.


Money Market and Investment Products :-

Mudharabah Special Invesment Account (MSIA) - invesment based on the concept of profit sharing.

Commodity Murabahah a Shariah compliant fixed-term investment involving the purchase and sale of Shariah approved commodities for a fixed period.

Wakalah Deposit-i the bank represents the customer as the owner of capital (Muwakil).

Foreign Exchange - Spot FX offers services of foreign exchange.

Islamic FX Forward transaction involving a predetermined contract where transaction of the currency takes place on a specified in the future with a predetermined exchange rate.The bank either uses the structure of’Deferred Sales (Bai Muajjal) or Promise (Waad) to facilitate the fixing of the predetermined exchange rate.

Invesment Banking

Offers services relating to the :-

Issuance and distribution of sovereign and corporate Sukuks structured to meet investors' requirements.

Advisory role in the form corporate finance services relating to listings, restructuring, capital fund raising and mergers and acquisitions.

Asset Management

Provide investment management services for regional structured portfolios, liquidity/cash management funds and structured investments.

Provide investment strategy mechanisms covering asset classes including shipping, marine, private and public equity, aviation, hedge funds, biotechnology and real estate.


Home financing-i financing and refinancing of completed and under construction residential properties.
Savings Account-i Offered under the approved Shariah contract of Wadiah (Guaranteed Safe Custody) or Mudharabah (Profit Sharing).
Current Account-i - Offered under the approved Shariah contract of Wadiah (Guaranteed Safe Custody).
Foreign Currency Account-i Offered under the approved Shariah contract of Wadiah (Guaranteed Safe Custody).
General Investment Account-i Offered under the approved Shariah contract of Mudharabah (Profit Sharing)   where a contract is made between the depositor and the Bank. Profit earned from investments will be   distributed according to pre-agreed profit sharing ratio.

The above products and services will be backed by a strong distribution capability. Given Asian Finance Bank’s GCC origins, we are in a very strong position to assist and support our customers with strategic access to GCC market and other Middle Eastern businesses.