AFB Client Charter - We value you as our prominent client!
At Asian Finance Bank, we believe our corporate customers always come first. You will feel that AFB is catered to meet your preferences. Every experience is a reflection of our commitment to a continuous enhancement of our services.
Remarkable Quality
We provide you personal banking service where our CEO will deal with you personally. It is the exclusivity and to attest that we are really serious in this business. Thus, there will be trust and relationship building in your banking experience. It is the blend from a unique combination between business, trust, relationship, and integrity. This is AFB's forte.
Tailor-made Banking
Our banking solution can be altered to suit your needs. We provide you suitable business plan to meet your requirement. We will assist you to choose and construct a business plan with us to fund your investment with expeditious approval. This personalize banking makes our business extra-friendly than others.
Expandable Opportunities
Our bank offers you robust investment banking opportunities especially business in the Middle East. We offer you an international Islamic business to expand your capital as carved in our Corporate Mission.
Customer Care
To attest that our customer is the precedence, we provide you the personal mobile number of our top management. You can reach our personnel 24/7 to facilitate you in our quality banking experience and received prompt response for enquiries and complaints. We will ensure that relevant steps shall be taken.